Learn More About Old English Sheepdogs

The Old English Sheepdog is a large breed dog with long hair that covers it’s entire body. They often have docked tails and because of this are sometimes known as Bobtails. When it is not docked it is as hairy as the rest of them and hangs down. Their coat is usually a beautiful gray and white but can come in black, blue and blue merle. They come in all sizes but they are all large and some may get to over 100 pounds easily. So make sure you have plenty of room!
Not much is known about the earlier Old English Sheepdogs as there were no records kept. They were first exhibited in 1873 at the Birmingham dog show where they took second place. They became very popular show dogs soon after and started taking home many prizes. While the actual shape of the dog has not changed much over the years the grooming has and many are now backcombed and powdered for show. The breed continues to be one of the most popular show dogs to date.
If you are looking for a family pet then this is the dog for you. They have never been shown to be aggressive or even nervous dogs. They spend a lot of time laying around the house and can be described as being a living rug at times. They keep their herding instincts so don’t be surprised if your Old English Sheepdog tries to herd you and your family around the house. It can be quite entertaining for the children. They enjoy having an area to run in as well and should have a nice backyard or a dog park near by to relieve energy. They love being around people and will keep you smiling for years to come with their love for you.