Considerations for Sheepdogs in Texas

Old English Sheepdogs are a beautiful breed but that doesn’t mean they’re ideally suited for Texas. If your family’s set on one, though, here are a few things to consider before bringing the little guy home:
The Cost: Look into Electricity Rates in Texas in your area and figure out how much extra it’s going to cost you to keep the house a cool 68 degrees at all times. Sheepdogs have a lot of hair which means they overheat easily particularly in the Texas summers.
Shedding: Speaking of hair, they shed more than you’d think for a long haired dog. With so much dirt and so many things to chase here in Texas it’s easy for your Sheepdog to get dirty more than other breeds which will mean frequent bathing and lots of lint rollers.
The Heat: Again with the heat? Sheepdogs actually need a fair bit of exercise so you’re going to have to wake up early to walk them in the hottest seasons to make sure they get their exercise without overheating. Are you prepared for that type of commitment?

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