Old English Sheepdog Rescue Is Great

The Old English Sheepdog is a loyal energetic canine companion, and has for centuries been used for herding. This animals herding instinct is great, by nudging into the animal to guide it where it needs to go, instead of biting or harming the animal in anyway. If you are in Texas and you have a ranch, these dogs would be perfect for you. Their character is strong willed, but can be trained if the trainer is firm. Standing near 2 ‘ tall and ranging from 60-100 Lbs these sheep dogs make great companions.

The Old English Sheep Dog’s personality is very outgoing and loving, they do well with children because of the gentle nature that they posses. These animals need a lot of exercise because of their background of being raised hard working animals. This dog can do well in a smaller house hold if it was walked daily, or had a place to run around such as a backyard, open floor plan, etc.

This pet must be groomed regularly as the hair is very full and thick and could become mangy. If the hair becomes matted this dog could develop skin problems, making the susceptible to parasites. It also sheds, so if worried about furniture it would make a great outside dog! Check Spelling

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