Old English Sheepdogs: More To Love

Looking for a Texas sized furry family addition for your home? Old English Sheepdogs are playful, loving and great with kids, children and those young at heart as well. This breed has been labeled a “clown”, because of their tireless tendency towards play and action. Not for couch potato households, you’ll never find a better exercise partner.

Some may be intimidated by their size but Old English Sheepdogs are also commonly referred to as a “Nanny” because of their care-taking characteristics towards children. Herding instincts course through this breed’s bloodlines and they have been known to actually help keep smaller toddlers in one place. They seem to sense that the supervision and the ensuring of the safety of their charges are part of their job.

Grooming is a big part of keeping this furry member of the family happy. To maintain their long coats, weekly grooming is a must. The benefits of having this gentle giant as a sidekick far outweigh the maintenance. Whether you ride the Texas range or walk the busy streets of Dallas, you’ll never lack for a companion to hit the trail with you.

An Old English Sheepdog will definitely keep your household active and enjoying life. This breed shows you that “more to love” means gaining even more love back.

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